About Us

“Us” is Greg and Sapphira Scott and the members of Memorial Baptist Church.

Our little church is quite diverse. We are made up of Navajo, Anglo, Filipino and Pima ethnicities. We have teachers, doctors, nurses, administrators, welfare moms, jobless families, families with jobs, single moms and blended families.

At the time of this writing, we average around 50 people on a Sunday and that feels pretty good in our building built for 65. We’re in the process of going to a second service so that God can continue to bless and we don’t limit Him through our facility. Strange as it may sound, over the past three years we have grown nearly 400%! Of course, that means that that we’ve grown from around 12 people to around 50.

In the summer, when most Mission Experiences happen, our teachers and other school personnel are gone and that gives us an opportunity to reach out to others and keep our congregation growing.

Obviously, that is where you and your team come in.

We’ve had a lot of experience hosting mission teams. We work directly with churches, and not through any other organizers, so that your trip will be as effective as possible in our community – and be a great ¬†experience for your team as well!

We hope to see you this summer!

Pastor Greg and Sapphira