Immediate Needs

I’ve included this page for those churches or groups that have the ability to move fast and desire to do something with an immediate need and impact on a local family. They are usually larger or more complex projects that are not suitable for youth mission teams – and require adults from college age and up to make them work. High school teens? Sure – with enough adult supervision and experience to make it a great experience for them.

Immediate need teams often consist of 3 to 8 people who come out and physically do the work needed to be done while the rest of their group at church help them raise the money needed to do these jobs.

Immediate needs projects are not as organized and preplanned as our other mission experiences. We’ll still do meal times with Navajo families. We’ll still take you to some amazing places in the evenings – but mostly they are quick in and out trips that meet the needs of a local Navajo family. Many of these trips take place over a weekend.

I can pick up small work teams in Albuquerque – the closest airport, so no transportation costs are involved for immediate need teams.

If you think you can help – please give me a call. Pastor Greg – 928 313-0276 or drop me an email.

Here are our current immediate need projects.

Roofing project.

Yes, I know. It doesn’t look like it is worth fixing. ┬áBelieve it or not, it is better than where this family is staying now. As you can see in the doorway, they’ve been doing the demolition – tearing out drywall mostly. This is a family of four who are currently living in a run-down mobile trailer without water. This house was left to her by her grand-father who passed away about a year ago. ‘It is wired for electric and has water to it.

The place needs a roof before the inside work can be done. No point in hanging drywall if the next rain will leak in and ruin it all.

It will need all of the old roofing boards (old 1 x 12’s) removed and new roofing put down. Roof joists seem to be in good condition.

Experience needed for this job: The ability to use a Roof Scraper, crowbars and hammers and skill saw. Will need to be able to climb ladders and work on roof. This is a job best suited for 3-5 people. Time to do this project: 3-4 days on work-site. (BTW – we provide better ladders than the one in the picture…)

Give me a call or drop me an email to talk about project specifics.


Drywall and Windows project

The same house as above. This project can’t be completed until the roof project is done. The pictures show the gutted interior. Five rooms inside plus a bathroom.

The family will have all of the demo’d drywall removed and the interior ready for you to go to work in. Insulation is staying, which means we can get right to work.

The work on this will entail removing old windows, reframing windows for size difference, installing windows and trimming them. Inside, hanging ceiling and walls drywall, taping and rough mudding. Time permitting we’ll apply texture to the walls and ceiling for finish.

Experience needed for this project: Know how to use a caulking gun, ability to team lift and brace ceiling drywall, ability to learn how to cut drywall, use cordless drill/screwdriver. If you are experienced at working with drywall and drywall mud – Fantastic! If not, we can teach you how to do this.

This project is best for 5 to 8 people. Time on work-site – 3 to 4 days. Please be aware that hanging drywall does involve lifting.

Give me a call or drop me an email to talk about project specifics.


Plumbing project

We’ve been working with this widow and her daughter for several years. Her daughter works with children at our church. Her son is a Marine on his second deployment. We help her family whenever we can.

She is in need of some plumbing help. No plumbing license is needed here on the Rez – just a basic knowledge of how plumbing works. She has leaky supply lines and faucets. Her gray water – showers and sinks – simply drain under her house.

Currently, they go outside and turn the water on and off at the meter. With winter on its way, this is an immediate need!

We’re looking for two or three people who can spend a weekend fixing these basic problems for her.

She needs to have her kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower faucets replaced along with their supply lines. A three inch PVC gray line needs to be run thirty feet behind her house to an area where she has trees growing. Her daughter has the ditch pretty much dug – now she needs some help with materials and know-how and labor.

Experience needed for this project: The ability to remove and replace basic sink and shower hardware. Ability to work in tight places under sink and potentially under her house. If you’ve fixed a sink or replaced a faucet in your own home – you are qualified do handle this project!

This project is best for 2-3 people. Time to complete job – 1 day. This could easily be a weekend trip. Fly in on a Friday. Start and finish on Saturday. Worship with us on Sunday morning and fly back home Sunday evening.

Give me a call or drop me an email to talk about project specifics.



None of the above projects require any permits or licenses. They simply are not called for on the Reservation.