1 – What kind of food will we be eating?

Hot breakfasts usually give you the options of oatmeal or a breakfast burrito (home-made by one of our local Navajos). We keep milk and cereal on hand for those of you who prefer to go that route.

Lunch is usually a sack lunch, unless you are doing an Outreach/Engagement trip. For all trips we encourage your group to eat with the families you are working with.

Outreach/Engagement trips will be cooking lunch with the help of their Navajo host families and will have their biggest meal of the day at lunch time, rather than at supper.

Supper is a hot meal cooked by a local Navajo. Navajos eat pretty much what you eat, spaghetti, BBQ, Lasagna, Tacos, etc. At least one meal will be the Navajo Staple of Frybread with chili-beans and all the toppings – a Navajo Taco. Ask us ahead of time and we’ll have a local family butcher a sheep and cook up a real traditional Navajo meal for you.

We typically have fruit available at each meal as well as peanut butter and jelly for the “Ewww, I’m not eating that” person in your group. 🙂 Tossed salad is a normal part of most evening meals.

Bottled water along with Iced Tea and Lemonade are the norm for drinks.