2 – What is the daily schedule like?

Every group is different. We realize that and work with you to make this the best trip for your group and an effective outreach for our church. The schedule below is a very generalized “normal” schedule.

Tuesday AM – Arrive in Albuquerque
Tuesday afternoon – Arrive in Chinle.
VBS/Sport camp visitation (where applicable)
Tuesday PM – Evening worship/ministry time

Wed AM – Ministry time
Wed Noon – Lunch Ministry with host families
Wed 2 to 4 – Optional ministry time
Wed PM – Evening worship/ministry time

Thur AM – Ministry time
Thur Noon – Lunch Ministry with host families
Thur 2 to 4 – Optional ministry time
Thur PM – Evening worship/ministry time

Fri AM – Ministry time
Fri Noon – Flea Market Ministry
Fri 2 to 4 – Optional ministry time
Fri PM – Evening worship/ministry time

Sat AM – Sunrise Devotions
Sat Noon – Local Sightseeing/Hiking/Horseback/Jeep
Sat PM – Evening worship

Sun AM – Morning Worship by your Mission Team
Sun Noon – Meal with Church Members
Sun PM – Drive Home/to Airport

Mon AM – Flight Home/Arrive Home

We are officially finished for the week on Sunday after our shared meal. Most groups head for Albuquerque Sunday afternoon to begin their drive home, catch their late evening Sunday flight or to be in Albuquerque for their Monday morning flight. NOTE – If you spend the night in Albuquerque, this hotel night is not included in your package price.

If you wish to stay in Chinle until Monday morning, church floor sleepers are welcome to stay. Hotel groups will need to book an extra night for your group.

We provide hotel lodging from Tuesday night until Sunday Morning only. Let us know if we need to accommodate you differently.