4 – What religion do the Navajo People practice?

Navajos, that practice their traditional religion say that they “Walk in Beauty” of they “Follow the Beauty Way.”

What this means is that they believe in a Creator who made everything. They call him “Father.” They believe that earth is their mother. They believe in greeting the morning sun with corn pollen sprinkled out as they pray. There are creation stories. Monster people and holy people. Animals and nature play a big role in the traditional way. The traditional way is kept alive via Medicine Men who hold ceremonies and sings. The purpose of these activities is to restore balance, and thus healing, to the person who is suffering.

Of, course that is the short version.

The beliefs among the Navajo people vary from the “Beauty Way” described above to Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, various types of Christian churches from Pentecostal to Southern Baptist. Many, many Navajos say that they are traditional or Catholic, but they don’t really have a sense of what that means on a day to day basis.

There is also the Native American Church which is a blend of many different beliefs from all tribes of Native Americans. They are most widely known for their use of the hallucinogen, Peyote, and you will find that they also acknowledge Jesus as “The god who died for me” but not as the only true God.