How are Mission Experiences priced?

The costs vary, but include everything necessary for your trip except transportation/fuel, optional site-seeing and spending money. Most trips range between $400 and $800 per person. Give Pastor Greg a call to work out the details.

You will be working with our church and we don’t expect you to participate in the offering time during the Sunday Gathering. If you are coming and sleeping in the church fellowship and office areas, we have included in the price of your mission trip an amount that will cover the church’s expenses during your week. If you are staying in a hotel, there is a lesser amount included in your trip cost for the use of the church facilities.

Building materials, paint, etc. will be calculated and are included in your trip price. The only items not included in these prices are VBS materials/craft supplies or other items of this sort. Most churches that do a VBS use the same materials that are used in their own churches VBS.

You’ll notice that the prices we give you are a little odd. We are trying to keep your expenses as low as possible and still make it work for you. We’ve calculated specific amounts, based on experience, that work for daily meal costs, materials cost, etc. Rather than round the final numbers up to make them look more appealing, we’ve simply left them exactly as they calculate out.

Home Repair and Improvement Experiences have a built in amount for the project(s) you’ll be working on. If we don’t use the full amount, you can decide what to do with the remaining amount.

Our preferred schedule for your time here is Tuesday through Sunday, with your day of arrival being Tuesday and the final day of your trip being on Sunday. It allows you to pour yourselves into the local Navajo’s lives through the week and build to involving them in a Sunday service and final meal together before you leave.

If those days absolutely don’t work for your group, we’ll try our best to work with you.

My number is at the bottom of this page if you have further questions, would like to create a “combo” Mission Experience or if you have a unique idea that you think might work well with our church. Don’t be shy. Give me a call

Traveling Expenses

  • Traveling expenses are not included in any of these prices. Getting to Chinle and back and transportation while you are here is an additional expense. If you are arriving by bus, we do have two 12 passenger vans to help you get around.


When you go to Book Your Trip, there is a scheduling fee of $500. That is not an additional fee and is part of your groups total Trip cost. It will be deducted from your groups total trip cost once you know for certain how many people will be joining your team. This scheduling fee, while not an additional fee, is non-refundable.

Our Mission Experiences are led by Pastor Greg and his wife, Sapphira. Those who cook meals for you, video your trip and lead the various aspects of your time with us are church members or local Navajos we are ministering to. The cost of your trip pays for expenses and enables Pastor Greg to do prep and follow-up work with the Navajo people you will get to know.

Ready to schedule your mission experience? Still have money questions? 928 313-0276 – Pastor Greg’s personal number.